Christina Langer

Postdoc in Economics

About Me

I am a Postdoc at the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, under the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).

Dissertation Title: Micro-Level Perspectives on the Future of Work – New Evidence on Workers’ Skill Returns and Firms’ Skill Demand

Research Interest

My research is centered around the future of work, focusing on various aspects related to the supply and demand of skills and the evolving hiring practices of firms. I use big, unstructured data like self-collected apprenticeship plan texts and online job postings as well as administrative data to estimate returns to skills and to investigate recent labor market trends like remote work or skills-based hiring.

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  • [June 2024]: I received the Roman Herzog Research Award (1st prize) for my dissertation and the KU best dissertation award
  • [May 2024]: I got appointed as Honorary Research Fellow at UCL - School of Management
  • [May 2024]: I'm presenting my WFH and Skill Demand Paper at SOLE, Portland
  • [March 2024]: Stanford Career Education Panel "AI, Your Career, and the World of Work"
  • [October 2023]: I started my Postdoc at the Stanford Digital Economy Lab with Erik Brynjolfsson