Christina Langer

Economics Ph.D. Candidate

About Me

I am a PhD candidate at KU Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Guest Researcher at the ifo institute, Graduate Research Affiliate at the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, and Doctoral Researcher at the Project on Workforce at Harvard University.

Research Interest

How can the education system best prepare its graduates for the challenges of the modern labor market? How do occupations, regions, and industries adapt to recent labor market phenomena like skills-based hiring or Covid-19 induced remote work? I study these questions empirically using administrative labor market data and self-collected text data on the German apprenticeship system as well as big data in the form of online job ads for Germany and the US.



  • [February 28th]: I joined the Stanford Digital Economy Lab as a remote Graduate Research Affiliate.
  • [January 7th]: I am presenting our paper "The Covid-19 Shock and the Future of Remote Work: Evidence from Job Vacancy Postings in Germany" at the ASSA 2023 Annual Meeting.
  • [October 17th]: I am presenting our paper "The Value of Skills: New Evidence From Apprenticeship Plans" at the Growth Lab and Project on Workforce seminar series at Harvard University.